Yoga Pants Style: How to Wear Yoga Pants Everyday


It?s true, girls love to wear yoga pants even if they never went to yoga that day. I say this because it?s so very true and I have done this time and time again. We throw them on to get brunch with friends on Sundays. We put these comfy flattering pants on to travel across the country. Also, we wear them to run errands. But I know you?ve wondered how to wear them more because who wouldn?t want an excuse to put on their favorite yoga pants even to get lunch or dinner or cocktails with friends.

My FAVORITE yoga pants are the lululemon align pant. They?re AMAZING. They come in a crop and 7/8. I have both but styled today?s looks with the 7/8 as they hit at my ankle. They?re kind of game changer and my go to for workout gear. I know they?re a tad pricey, but if there?s one thing I?ve learned in my old age and also trying a dozen or so crazy ass workouts, lululemon holds up to anything and everything. And is flattering! Plus you can bend over, do squats and everything in between and never worry about the butt being see-through.

Now onto some cute outfit ideas to take your favorite yoga pants off the mat and out to dinner or cocktails. Trust me when I tell you that you can wear these to even business casual events. I shall show you how! There are a few tips to keep in mind when getting away with yoga pants outside of the gym and yoga mat. Follow these 3 rules for ultimate success.

Rule 1: Get GOOD yoga pants that aren?t see through and are flattering. Yes, invest in some lululemon ones, they?re LIFE CHANGING.

Rule 2: Cover your lady bits. Yes please do. Or at least close to it. You?ll see all these outfits that my goods never really hang out anywhere. Leggings are still leggings and you should have your areas covered.

Rule 3: Add layers. I really think that?s the trick to fooling people into thinking you?re wearing black skinny jeans instead of your favorite comfy yoga pants. Since the yoga pants are tight fitting, you?ll want to add looser layers too. A few ideas to add to your layers, a cozy scarf, long cardigan, over the knee boots, etc.

Why do girls love to wear yoga outfits to brunch even though they never went to yoga? I don?t know the answer to this other than yoga pants are LIFE. So if you?re heading to brunch and you find yourself putting on your beloved yoga pants and a tee, but then also putting on makeup, I beg of you to stop right there. If you?re going to put on the makeup, do the hair, at least put on something better than a tank and sneakers! You can still wear the yoga pants, just add a (longish) sweater tank, cozy cardigan and your favorite over the knee boots. You can even do just a knee high boot but I love the idea of an OTK boot!

The fourth and final way to wear yoga pants is a bit more daring! I know it is typically frowned upon to wear yoga pants to a nice lounge or upscale event. But guess what friends, it?s TOTALLY possible. Insert the perfect tunic sweater, leather jacket (because they?re just that easy and versatile!) and suede over the knee boots. No one will know your perfect lululemon align yoga pants aren?t great black pants. Instead, you?ll be enjoying your comfortable outfit while out celebrating with friends over cocktails.

My number one trick for getting this to work is to DEFINITELY have your bum covered. A beautiful tunic sweater is so easy to find (I love this one and this one) and is a great way to take your yoga pants out for a fancy event! Plus you can swap out the leather jacket for a boyfriend style blazer like this one. I think that would be a great way to add to this look.