Sheath Dress To Work: Stylish Power Dresses to Wear


For professional women, dressing for work used to mean trying to fit in with the guys by wearing modest, very formal, and just plain boring uniforms. This mindset still exists in certain industries, which is perhaps why my old roommate once said she never wants to work in an office cubicle, or worse, be forced to come to work in a suit.

Now in most industries, however, the standards and rules have loosened to usher in bright jewel tones, soft pastels, unique hemlines, and eye-catching silhouettes. When a woman looks and feels good in what she wears, that confidence shows and makes a world of difference when she’s pitching, strategizing, and solving problems in the workplace.

That’s why I see fashion as a source of power rather than distraction. The following power dresses make getting dressed for work and channeling your confidence easy, so you can simply throw on a dress in the morning and go get stuff done.

Dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring, shapeless, or time-consuming thanks to these 11 power dresses.