Sheath Dress Style: How to Choose Your Sheath Dress that Fit Your Body Shape


Simple, elegant and versatile ? the sheath dress is an essential item that can be worn to suit a variety of different occasions.

A sheath dress is a reliable option that can look great if you know what to look out for.

Read on to find out what to consider and what to bear in mind when shopping for a sheath dress.

With a plethora of options available from your favorite stores and websites, finding a sheath dress that best compliments your figure can be overwhelming.

The sheer diversity and variability of sheath dresses on offer remains one of the styles strong points.

However, this can also make it tricky to pick out the right one for you.

However, by knowing what parts of your body to accentuate and what styles will help you do this will allow you to choose the perfect sheath dress for your specific body type.

Keep reading as we show you how to do it.

Knowing Your Body TypeWoman wearing sportswear and showing off her body and figure

Throwing on a dress is a low maintenance, quick and easy option.

This is particularly true of the sheath dress design, which occupies such a minimalistic and classic shape.

The sheath dress is in an incredibly versatile staple that can be fashioned to suit a variety of different occasions and, most importantly, different body types.

It is important to choose a dress that best compliments and flatters your own body type.

To do this, review what parts of your body you wish most to show off, and those that you feel more insecure about.

Just because of its slim fit, don?t assume this style is only for those with narrow frames.

In fact, sheath dresses can really flatter a curvier build by it drawing attention to and flattering your curves.

However, baggier fits can carry the risk of looking tent-like and eclipsing your figure.

The secret to looking good is playing up to your natural assets and knowing how to respond strategically with the right material, cut and fit of the dress you wear.

What Features Do You Want To Revert Attention From?

The general shape of a sheath dress ? narrow upper and lower half and hem ? remains consistent.

But, the style does tend to vary concerning such details as arm and sleeve style, in addition to the neckline and length.

These seemingly subtle features whilst not appearing immediately significant, go a long way in altering the suitability of the sheath dress design for different silhouettes and body types.

If you?re conscious of your arms, instead of opting for a strap sheath dress, opt for a design that comes with long sleeves that are slightly loose.

This will save in terms of comfort, style and your consciousness of your arms.

What Is a Sheath Dress?Woman wearing a blue, sheath dress with a slit

A sheath dress bears a slim, narrow and streamline fit that occupies a straight figure hugging shape.

Sheath dresses are typically taken in at the waistline to accentuate the contours of the silhouette, therefore creating quite a feminine, sleek, and sexy look.

The name of the style itself serves as a clue as to what the fit looks like, with the word sheath eluding to the straight line of the of a knife sheath.

With its slim and narrow fit, many confuse sheath dresses with shift dresses which also emulate a narrow slim fit.

An important distinguishing factor, however, is the way in which a sheath dress hem tends to be narrower than a shift dress.

This typically bears more of a room and a swing to the lower skirt of the style.

Sheath dresses are distinctive in the sense that the tight and straight fit is consistent from the top to the bottom, boasting a slim hemline to reveal an overall tighter fit.

Whilst sheath dresses come in a variety of prints, colors and lengths, most dresses of this particular style and design tend to either be knee length or just above the knee.