Loose Pants Style: When did women start wearing pants?


In some cultures, loose pants have been common garments worn by women for centuries or millennia. This was not the case in much of Western society. In the United States, women typically wore long skirts, with the exception of some women who wore pantslike garments to perform work or engage in sports. While there were some women who championed loose pants in the 19th century, loose pants as an acceptable everyday clothing option for women didn?t truly catch on until the mid-20th century.

Warmer weather has officially made its appearance across the country, which means it?s time to start getting serious about your summer wardrobe. One of the most-loved fabrics on the market?linen?is made for this time of year. The uber breathable, light, and airy fabric is ideal for warmer days whether you?re stuck in the office or headed to the beach. Plus, the wearability is endless now that designers have transformed the traditional linen pant (think off-white, loose fit, old Italian grandfather vibes) into an array of colors, fits, and silhouettes.