how to wear a camouflage leggings


Almost all girls want a pair of long legs, what should they do? Let’s to tell you that simple camouflage leggings, with very practical , any beautiful legs, no matter how small you girl, or buxom body, or sexy goddess, are inseparable from the stovepipe, camouflage tights is so arbitrarily wild, let you play with you casually, how to wear, how to decorate the leg lines, reveal your legs beautifully.

In the wear is not only want to keep warm, but also do not want to wear too bloated and heavy, especially in the choice of bottoms, thick trousers put on the body immediately after turning into a fat, a slim skinny leggings not only let the crush Our legs are no longer frozen, but also highlight the leg lines, the design of the natural waist, firm and elastic, can easily cover the flesh of the buttocks and thighs, immediately show the slender legs, stylish and avant-garde.