Best Leggings You Can Wear As Pants That Don?t Cost A Million Dollars


I know I?m not a typical fashion writer here at Betches?I tend to save my talents for Bravo recaps and the occasional hate piece?but I?m willing to branch out for something I?m extremely passionate about: wearing leggings as pants. It is an important cause I support wholeheartedly. Really, I think that the woman who lobbied for women to wear pants fucked us all up, because pants are only a viable and comfortable option if you have all of the following: perfectly proportionate legs (i.e. not too long or too short), no muffin top to speak of, and nothing weird going on in the butt area?a set of criteria that basically only applies to models and nobody else. And that is why, despite the protests of my friends, my dad, and probably everyone who?s seen me walking down the street minus a few mouthy construction workers, I continue to wear leggings as pants. No matter the season. No matter if my shirt covers my butt. But here?s the thing: You can?t do it with just any old pair of leggings. They?ve got to be opaque enough that you can get away with it, yet still comfortable. So I?ve gathered my the 5 best leggings to wear as pants (from my closet). You are welcome in advance. Also full disclosure, you will not see super expensive leggings on here because I?m cheap and can?t justify spending more than like, $45 on some spandex.

1. Hue Original Denim Leggings

These things are the shit. I literally have three pairs and am soon going to acquire a fourth. They are a jegging and priced as such, but they behave like a jean except there?s no fly digging into your stomach or weird, small front pocket that nobody uses. They do have back pockets (I repeat: pockets!) and they look so much like jeans you?ll confuse everyone. Just ask the fuckboy I?m hooking up with who told me ?I love when you wear these jeans.? Guys are idiots, am I right? And before you ask, no, I?m not hooking up with Ginuwine. Yet.

2. C9 Champion Premium Legging

C9 Champion Premium Legging

Okay, these aren?t the exact leggings I have, but if you go to Target, hit up the workout section and go to the rack of Champion leggings?any of those will do. They?re not super thick but they are opaque and they fit super well. No muffin top to speak of and I know you all don?t know me or my body type, but trust me when I say that?s saying a lot. There?s no uncomfortable horizontal line across your stomach when you take them off. And they?re like $20, so they?re probably the cheapest thing you?ll buy in Target. They come in a bunch of patterns so you can buy all 67 pairs?speaking hypothetically, of course. That?s definitely not something I?ve done before.

3. SPANX Leggings

Spanx Seamless Leggings

I?m not going to lie to you all, this one?s a risky choice, but I just did a few leg presses yesterday so I stand by it. I have the ?seamless? kind so I can only speak to those, and I have them in the camo print?I just didn?t use that picture because I didn?t want you guys to judge me. They?re probs not leggings you want to work out in (but they have an ?active? kind you can take to the gym) because they feel a little like tights because they have a horizontal seam along the crotch instead of the vertical seam you see on most leggings, nahmean? I?ll be real, it?s a little bit of a stretch wearing these with a crop top (as I am right now), and I?ll update you on how many moms yell at me for exposing their kids to lewd content in public later. But again, they are super comfortable and as someone who?s prone to a muffin top, I personally appreciate how high-waisted they are. Would def try their other leggings and report back.