Beauty of Chinese Girl: How to Style Mini Skirt Jeans


The words on the T-shirt of the beauty written: ????, in English it is “Chinese Girl”.

From hair scrunchies to jean overalls, the 90s fashion trends that we once remembered from our childhood can now be found in front of our eyes (we don?t live in the past ? we just dress like we do). The comeback of denim skirts is one that none of us can deny. Here, we?ve put together seven ways to style your denim skirt this fall.

Nothing says fall like the return of your most prized moto jacket ? like the leather one that stuck with you (regardless of the time you spilled wine on it) and made you look good (even when you were feeling the complete opposite). Combine a solid colored sweater with your denim skirt and grab your jacket for the extra warmth and style. Suede, denim, or leather ?this silhouette can?t be done wrong.

For the days that are more so cool than cold, put on a light off-the-shoulder top to tuck into your denim skirt. Dress this outfit up with some high heel gladiators or dress it down with some cute sandals. This fun look is the perfect transition outfit into fall with a touch of summer that?ll be a lot more sweet than bitter.