Backless goddess: How to wear backless dress?


When you’re wearing a backless or low back dress, a regular bra just won’t cut it ? that’s an absolute fashion fact. I know that fashion rules are often made to be broken, but you don’t want to be caught with an unsightly bra band going across your back, or a clasp peeking between your cleavage. So, to pull off that back cut-out dress, you’re going to need to purchase a new bra solution to go along with your outfit.

Backless dresses, back cut outs and backwards low Vs are super popular formal dress trends that aren’t going anywhere any time soon. While the bare skin trend is sexy, I can’t help but think that the designers forgot one little thing? how can you wear a dress without a bra? We still need some breast support!

An adhesive bra consists of just the front cups of the bra ? there is no band, clasp or straps to this devise. You literally remove the sticky protectant and fasten the bra directly to your breasts. An adhesive bra provides lift, support and protection? and stays invisible to everyone. If you need a backless dress solution and some support, try one of these.

Luckily, there are many solutions that don’t include straps, clasps or thick bands. Since different breast sizes require different levels of support, be sure to experiment with the one that works best for you? before your big night, of course!