About Us

Welcome ladies and gentlemen!

I?m Julie Cloth, a girl that grew up in HK ? a city in Asian with fashion and trends everyday. Here, we have all kinds of fashion style, trend in Asian girls, men, that what I want to bring you, my dear visitors. I?ve been lucky in born and grow up in this city that bring me so much more fun!

I?ve been interest in fashion since I am still a girl, my Dad owned a fashion store and I?ve been also working in our store in two years. People here are pursuing fashion trends, regardless of girls or boys, old and young, they always give their most beautiful side to everyone.

This blog is my interest in fashion and style, my hope with this blog is to encourage women or girls to embrace their own personal style as well. Because one thing I?ve learned is that when you look great, you feel great and you step out the door armed with confidence! I?m very keen on a versatile wardrobe built with key pieces that can be worn over and over again. I?m also a firm believer that a beautiful closet can be achieved with affordable pieces that don?t have to break your bank. I?m happy to share what I?ve learned through the years to equip you with the fashion tools you can use and apply in very practical ways. Tools and inspiration that will help answer the inevitable question ?what do I wear today?? I hope my daily ootd posts will inspire you to try something new because at the end of the day, getting dressed in the morning should be fun.

Our blog have also guest writer, we hope all of us bring you fun.